This agreement governs the payment process conditions by means of the virtual point of sale terminal (POS) on this webpage, provided by INOXPAN, S.L. (hereinafter, PANDO) holder of NIF no. B64325194 and with registered office in Av. del Moí de les Mateves, 11 Pol. Ind. el Cros de (08310) Argentona (ESPAÑA). PANDO makes this tool available for the CUSTOMER to pay a previously issued invoice and a product delivered.

Upon completing the payment process and confirming payment of an issued invoice, the CUSTOMER expressly accepts and submits to the specific clauses below and to the conditions on accessing and using our portal and its privacy policy, available via the link “Legal Notice”.

The CUSTOMER acknowledges sufficient legal capacity to be contractually bound.

These Payment Conditions are available at all times in the legal notices on our webpage.



In consideration for the product acquired, the CUSTOMER expressly agrees to pay PANDO via the Virtual PoS the sums specified in the invoice issued and provided.

The price of the articles, taxes, shipping costs and, if applicable, packaging or handling costs are shown on the invoice.

For advance payments, shipping costs will be included in the price if the amount of the order exceeds €300 net.



This webpage may only be used to pay for orders placed and delivered to companies and professionals.

To do so, use the form at and proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the company details on the form.
  2. Enter a contact person and form of contact.
  3. Indicate the reason / articles in the order and sum payable in Pounds Sterling (£) in accordance with the invoice. In the case of advance payments, the remainder may be paid.
  4. Once this process is complete, it is necessary to check the box indicating that the terms and conditions of sale have been read and accepted.
  5. The webpage will provide the system for making payment using a credit or debit card.
  6. Once the payment details have been entered, the customer must confirm the order by pressing the “Pay” button.



As a general rule, deliveries are made prior to payment of the order and expenses are paid subsequently via the Virtual PoS.

In the event advance payment is made and there occurs some form of delay in delivering the order on the agreed dates or to the address given due to the absence of the recipient, the CUSTOMER will be contacted to manage the incident. Should delivery be impossible due to an incorrect address, the cost of re-shipping the order will be borne by the CLIENT. PANDO is not liable for any delay in deliveries of parts purchased when the cause is attributable to the forwarder.

A CUSTOMER who has made advance payments can  check the status of their order by sending an email to



This payment procedure only accepts credit or debit cards as the form of payment. The transaction is carried out by connecting directly to BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.) via its payment gateway.

Once payment is made you will receive a confirmation email.

PANDO will be unaware of your credit card details. All our payment systems are fully secure.



The CUSTOMER will receive the invoice before or together with the product at the time of delivery. This payment procedure is a system provided by PANDO for the CUSTOMER to pay an invoice already issued for a delivered product.

The CUSTOMER is responsible for confirming receipt of any notifications and informing us of any modification to their details, and PANDO will accept no liability due to this circumstance.



All our products are subjected to quality controls and are warranted against faulty manufacture for a 2 to 3-year period (depending on the type of product( as from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any defect in manufacture, design, or materials, although you must report non-acceptance within a period of 14 days as from becoming aware of same. The warranty only covers faulty products. It does not cover damage, improper use or any others not attributable to a supplier or product defect. During the warranty period the CUSTOMER may return the product and we will repair or replace it. Shipping costs arising from returns under warranty will NOT be borne by the CLIENT.

The warranty document is the purchase receipt.



Returns or product changes will only be accepted in the event of manufacturing defects, damage during shipping or delivery errors. Under no circumstance may more than 14 days have elapsed from receipt of the product and the packaging and accessories must be included. Prior to acceptance, the existence of defects or anomalies in the manufacturing or packaging together with inadequate or negligent use, handling or storage will be verified. Products will always be accompanied by the appropriate delivery note or bill.

In the event of a return due to a manufacturing or packaging defect or any error in the order, the CLIENT will be offered, if possible, repair of the item or replacement with an alternative at no additional cost and without any right to compensation on the part of the CLIENT. Expenses arising from shipping a repaired or correct order will be borne by PANDO.

In any event, the return will be subject to PANDO first examining the condition of the product returned and verifying that the requisites necessary under these conditions have been complied with. Once the return has been received and if applicable, we will refund the sum paid within a maximum of 30 days and under the same terms as used for making payment.

PANDO reserves the right to reject returns reported or shipped after the deadline or any products not in the same condition as when received.

Returns will be managed by sending an email to describing the reasons and causes alleged for the return. It will also be necessary to indicate the details of the company or professional and order reference number. Once the request has been received, we shall process it accordingly.



The CUSTOMER undertakes to use the payment system placed at their disposal in good faith, without infringing any laws or third-party rights and to pay for the product delivered.

PANDO does not guarantee that the availability of the payment system will be continued or uninterrupted due to circumstances caused by Internet issues, breakdown of IT devices or other unforeseeable circumstances. The CUSTOMER therefore agrees to tolerate these circumstances within reasonable limits and expressly waives any claim against PANDO for any contractual or extra-contractual liability for any failures, errors or use of the service.



All and any notices between the parties shall be preferably via email. The CUSTOMER is responsible for confirming receipt of any notices and informing PANDO of any modification to their details, and the latter shall not bear any liability arising from this circumstance. In the event of a modification, the CUSTOMER must inform PANDO by email or by calling the telephone numbers appearing on our webpage.

Pursuant to article 21 of Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Ecommerce Services, we inform you that are commercial communications and information relating to our website and the products offered there by PANDO will be carried out by email to the address provided, which will be revocable. You have in any event the option of rejecting our commercial communications by sending an email to with the subject line UNSUBSCRIBE.



The CUSTOMER acknowledges having read and accepted the Payment Conditions and privacy policy of the webpage.

The CUSTOMER acknowledges they have understood all the information regarding the products and services with regard to the Virtual PoS together with all the conditions and stipulations contained herein and attests that they are sufficient to exclude any error in consenting hereto and therefore expressly accepts same in full.



All matters relating to our Virtual PoS payment process shall be governed solely by Spanish law.

These Payment Conditions were updated on 15/07/2020. We may modify them at any time< please check the issue data each time you connect to our platform to be sure there has been no modification that affects you.

For any matter relating to the Payment Conditions, you may contact us at

Should any type of discrepancy or dispute arise between the parties as to the interpretation or content of these Payment Conditions which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the Parties shall submit to the courts of Mataró.



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