Dishwashers Pando,
The Perfect Integration into your kitchen

Pando Dishwashers integrate perfectly into the seamless design of any kitchen without altering its harmony.

Thanks to its sliding door system, Pando Dishwashers perfectly adapt to the rest of the kitchen and allow easy instalation and operation without the need to adjust the plinth.

Considering every detail


Third Drawer for cutlery


Height-adjustable upper Basket


Double tray foldable


Flexible interior design


Dual Wash System


1.- Third Drawer for cutlery
Completely modular to provide various loading solutions for cutlery to meet your particular needs.

2.- Height-adjustable upper Basket
With only one “click”the upper Basket can be easily adjusted (+/- 5cm …) to offer more space and flexibility to load larger pots and plates in the lower basket, or tall glasses in the upper Basket.

3.- Double tray foldable
Increases capacity by providing extra space for small glasses and cups.

4.- Flexible interior design
Facilitates placement of pots, plates and dishes of any size and form.

5.- Dual wash System
Allows to choose the area of cleaning as we need it: upper area only, lower area only or both.

Maximum comfort

To facilitate the distribution of silverware of any size and form.

Double foldable tray

Increases capacity by providing extra space for small glasses and cups.

Interior touch control panel

The control panel is located at the upper inside of the door to facilitate a perfect integration with your kitchen cabinet.

Exterior on-off blue led light .

As this is an extremely silent product, blue light on the floor indicates if the dishwasher is working.

Sliding door

Thanks to its sliding door system, Pando Dishwashers perfectly adapt to the rest of the kitchen cabinet..

Special ECO Program.

Improves cleaning while reducing consumption

The special ECO program by Pando offers advanced technology that visibly improves the cleaning performance while reducing at the same time both: water and energy consumption.

PandoWash SYSTEM 720º

Latest cleaning technology

Optimizes water consumption and reaches every corner

Exclusive Pando cleaning system with double axis 720º (2 x 360º) rotation that provides a superior cleaning: more precise, more efficient and ecological cleaning due to savings in water consumption. System incorporated in PLT-7260 and PLT-7460 models.

Two Drying Systems


Combination of cold and hot air




Condensation collector

Maximum drying performance

Mod. PLT-7260

1.- Combination of cold and hot air
Cold dry air is blown into the chamber to “remove” the warm humid air generated by the washing process.

Three fans are used to push out the hot humid air and to increase the inflow of fresh air to enhance the overall drying performance.

3.- Condensation collector
Captures the condensed wáter to guarantee a superior drying performance.

NaturalDry System – Natural Drying

Mod. PLT-7460

At the end of the drying cycle the door opens automatically to allow the inflow of natural, fresh air that supports the drying process without consuming any energy.

The result is an excellent natural drying performance.

Fully integrated Pando dishwasher


Design and elegance for your kitchen

The new fully integrated Pando dishwasher is a perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Especially designed for complete Built-in installation into tall units. Superior comfort in manipulation of dishes and product maintenance. The perfect solution for small kitchens and areas where space is a premium.