Pando decorative cookerhoods

Our Goals

Quality, Design, Innovation & Eco-efficiency

Pando is and will continue to be a company that stands out for QUALITY, DESIGN and INNOVATION. A brand with a strong commitment to its origins and the need to increase its achievements through the driving force of its whole team.

We make your life more comfortable

Soundproof & easy cleaning System®

Easy Cleaning System®

Lower tray made of stainless steel for easy cleaning.
Double-function internal protective grille.

Soundproof System®

• New internal motors. Metal wheel and silent block on center shaft.
• Motor-housing box insulated with sound absorbent, fireproof, grease-resistant foam.
• Includes 50cm flexible corrugated tube made of sound absorbent, double-chamber, micropore aluminium film.

System BOP
Optimized custom made lower panels

Pando, as manufacturers, in improving the process of adapting their products to different types of kitchens, are taking advantage of the fact that BOP lower trays and filtering panels can be custom made to suit any design of cooker top layouts. Airflow is therefore improved and optimized increasing the hoods effectiveness and performance in your own kitchen.

Filters, pure air solutions

Aluminium filters

Made of light alloy, these are essential to capture and retain fat particles. Their distinctive grille pattern makes them especially useful.

Stainless steel filters

These are made identically to aluminium ones but also feature a stainless steel cover to protect them and prolong their useful life, as well as making them look more attractive.

Professional filters

Made entirely in top-quality AISI 304 stainless steel, these filters are ready to work hard and display their good fat particle retention strategies. Enormously durable, their features are 100% professional

Automatic filter saturation detection

Automatic system to warn when it is essential to clean the filters, via a signal on the control panel.

New activated carbon filters

Recirculation system

Carbón activado (FCA)

Indicados para las campanas destinadas a la recirculación de los gases de cocción o bien con fines medioambientales. Su efectividad va ligada directamente a la tipología de cocinados que se realicen.

Carbón activado lavables y reactivables

Con la funcionalidad de los FCA pero con la gran ventaja de su especial composición y fabricación, que permite su lavado en lavavajillas y su posterior reactivación en horno. Su durabilidad puede incrementarse hasta los 3 años, dependiendo también del tipo de cocción y mantenimiento.

Button panels

Control, design and functionality

Electronic button panels and Touch Control

The control panels featured on our units, depending on the features of each model, can be used to control the speed, lighting and so on. With automatic safety stop.

LAST-TIME feature

An automatic stop system featured on a wide range of models. When this function is used the hood stops automatically a few minutes after it is used, to ensure the fumes are completely extracted from the flue pipe.

Remote control

Remote control system for the hood functions. This is standard in all Ceiling models and optional on many others. With automatic safety stop.

Latest-generation LED lighting

The ultimate latest-generation lighting; can be used to create a multitude of atmospheres, with excellent energy-saving performance. The signature lighting on Pando products.
As well as illuminating the cooking area, some of our models have courtesy or decorative lighting to enhance the design of the kitchen.

Finishes maximum adaptability to a design

Flue extensions to measure

As manufacturers we can adapt the flue measurements precisely to the space where they are to be installed, producing them to measure.

Ceiling decorative features

This part ensures a perfect finish where the decorative flue meets the ceiling, so compensating for any possible irregularities in the latter.

Energy efficiency


Pando reconfirms its commitment to its customers and the environment with new high-performance systems and minimum power usage.

The Pando eco-systems are composed of a new series of high-performance DC brushless motors allowing you to save up to 76% in energy and reduce noise by 23% without reducing its airflow extraction at any time.

They also incorporate led lighting saving power consumption by up to 94% in comparison with conventional halogens.