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    Capacities from 7 to 178 bottles.
    Under counter or built-in wine coolers

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  • New collection of Wine coolers lay-over decor panel

    Maximum integration with your kitchen furniture

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  • The pleasure of tasting a wine at just the right temperature.

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The art of wine cooling

Our passion for cooking is paramount and for many years we have passed this passion on to our customers with great attention to detail.

Based on a growing interest in wine tasting and oenology in general, some years ago Pando added wine coolers to its product range.

A perfect combination of elegance and technology, Pando wine coolers allow you multiple solutions to display and store your best bottles.

With the experience of a country that embodies the spirit of wine, Pando wine coolers are a delight for both: lovers of design-oriented products and the most demanding sommeliers.

Different finishes: stainless steel, black glass or lay-over decor panel

Diferents front finishes that allow a perfect integration in any kitchen style.

All models allow door opening to the right, left or PUSH-TO-OPEN.

New built-in ventilation system and dynamic climate control

SVI (Built-in ventilation system )
Only for built-in wine coolers.

The Built-In Ventilation System, exclusive to Pando, allows the wine cooler to be fitted in any kind of furniture as it does not require ventilation grilles at the top or bottom, or extra space at the back of the installed unit.

This ventilation system ensures precise, independent cooling in the unit, regardless of the temperature outside it. It will always function perfectly and without maintenance.

Dynamic climate control system

Only a true wine cooler features a dynamic climate control system to keep each and every one of the bottles of wine inside it at the desired temperature. The different internal fans allow the climate-control ventilation system to ensure that every part of every bottle is kept at the same temperature, so providing excellent, reliable storage.

Wine coolers for the distinguished connoisseur

1. Soft-Close

  •  German professional hinge with Soft-Close mechanism for built-in wine coolers and in two models of under counter.

2. Display digital

  •  Display with thermostat and digital control
  • Temperature in Cº and Fº
  • Temperature memory
  • Energy saving mode (Display and Acustic off)
  • Open door alert system

3. Interior product features

  • Beechwood shelves
  • Blue interior LED lighting
  • Programmable interior LED light permanent on or only on if door is open
  • Black interior

4. Perfect conservation

  • Triple tempered glass door
  • UV Protected smoked glass
  • Sub-tropical climate class
  • Compressor with anti-vibration system
  • Heater
  • Carbon filter



Display digital


Interior product features


Perfect conservation

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