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Pando Technology for maximum preservation

Maximum features and cutting-edge technology.

The new high-end models of refrigerators and freezers from Pando are now available in freestanding and integrated versions.

Embracing products with advanced functionalities and features for maximum performance, as well as cutting-edge technology tailored to each type of project, Pando offers a minimalist, timeless, elegant, and distinctive design, ideal for kitchens aiming to create open spaces.

A range of products with exceptional aesthetic finishes that harmonize seamlessly with the other product ranges in the Pando Integral Cooking catalog.


Optimum preservation of food

12 reasons to keep your food fresh for longer

Dual Cooling System

Natural Flow Cooling by Pando, incorporated into our refrigerators which, by injecting cold air, maintains a constant temperature in a very efficient way, and without drying out food. NO-Frost, anti-frost system that all our freezers incorporate.

Professional hinge “Door-on-Door”

Built-in refrigerators come with a professional hinge of great resistance, which is placed directly onto a Fixed Door and supports an overlay panel door of up to 50 Kg.

Cold Air Station by Pando

Innovative Pando cooling system using several fans, which ensures an optimal distribution and constant circulation of cold air inside the refrigerator and thus avoids condensation and frost.

Inverter Compressor Technology

State-of-the-art compressors with inverter technology reduce the time needed to cool down the interior, and minimize noise emission and energy consumption.

UltraFresh Technology

Removes ethylene gas, a gas which is naturally emitted by fresh food when riping in the vegetable drawer. This maximizes the conservation of fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh for longer.

Humidity Control

The vegetable drawer and/or Zero Degree Zone incorporate a controller that allows to regulate the humidity level inside the drawer.

Pure Beam+

Applying a system of UV-C ultraviolet radiation with LED lights in combination with a carbon filter, creates a disinfectant environment that is effective against bad odors, but also eliminates bacteria and viruses floating in the air.

Ion Tech

System that sends out molecules charged with ions that destroy bacteria, dust or other pathogens, and that way improves air quality and hygiene inside the refrigerator, thus maintaining your food, fruits and vegetables longer fresh.

Metal Cooling

Metal accessory placed on the inside rear wall of the refrigerator, which keeps and maintains the cold inside the refrigerator during frequent use, such as opening or closing the door.

Open Door alarm

Acoustic warning signal that, if the door is open, or not properly closed, for a period of time, ensures proper functioning of the refrigerator, and avoids excessive losses of cold air, as well as a higher energy consumption than necessary.

Interior LED light

The internal lighting is fully based on LED technology, which means more light and a very low energy consumption.

Electronic Touch Control Panel

Modern display with Touch Control technology that is easy to use and very visual, placed in the interior of the product (except American refrigerator).