An Industrial design hood

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Hood available in 90 cm and 120 cm width.
Custome-made sizes on request.

  • Filters saturation detector
  • PRO Stainless steel filters
  • Last Time Function
  • Electronic control
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • A++ Energy Classification
  • Airlink - Compatible Model
  • ECO
  • SIA Safety
  • AirClean
  • RAL - Customizable model in any color from the RAL chart
  • Pando LED


  • Duct-in-line remote motor ECO V.2450 Ø200
  • Motor Roof ECO V.2350 Ø200
  • Duct-in-line remote motor ECO V.1550 Ø150
  • Interior Motor ECO SEC System V.1250 Ø150
  • Interior Motor ECO SEC System V.1050 Ø150
  • Interior Motor SEC System V.2220 ECO Ø200


  • Special custom-made flues
  • Decorative ceiling frame
  • Touch remote control


  • It exclusively incorporates the recirculation option by means of ceiling diffusor with ceramic filter.

  • Includes easy-cleaning tray for collection of oil.

  • Custome-made sizes on request.

  • AirClean: Automatic working motor system for 10 minutes every hour during 5 hours.


Front. (cm)MotorØ tubo mmWi-Fi
940690Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco150
853190Interior/Intérieur V.1250 eco150
1023290Interior/Intérieur V.2200 eco200
9412120Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco150
8541120Interior/Intérieur V.1250 eco150
10233120Interior/Intérieur V.2200 eco200
940890Intermedio Exterior/Deporté/Duct-in-line V.1550 eco150
941090Intermedio Exterior/Deporté/Duct-in-line V.2450 eco200
9414120Intermedio Exterior/Deporté/Duct-in-line V.1550 eco150
9416120Intermedio Exterior/Deporté/Duct-in-line V.2450 eco200
941190Tejado/Toiture/Roof V.2350 eco200
9417120Tejado/Toiture/Roof V.2350 eco200