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Available for 52, 85 and 100 cm units

Adapts perfectly to any kind of unit:

Compact measurements to fit perfectly into any kind of top unit; a depth of just 265mm is required for installation. It also comes in two technically perfect sizes: 520mm for 60cm units and 850mm for 90cm or wider units (the latter covers more surface area than any other system on the market)

The flue can be installed vertically or around the back, allowing the same filter system to adapt to different projects. The adaptation can be easily made by the installer

Professional AISI 304 stainless steel filters

  • Filters saturation detector
  • PRO Stainless steel filters
  • Last Time Function
  • Electronic control
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • A++ Energy Classification
  • Airlink - Compatible Model
  • SEC System PLUS
  • ECO
  • SIA Safety
  • AirClean
  • Pando LED


  • Interior Motor ECO SEC System V.1250 Ø150
  • Interior Motor SEC System V.850 Ø150
  • Interior Motor ECO SEC System V.1050 Ø150


  • Touch remote control
  • Activated carbon filters kit. FCLR-AE


  • V.1050eco motor cannot incorporate Carbon Filters
  • Stainless steel base for filtering SET, see page 208
  • Includes easy-cleaning tray for collection of oils.
  • Top of back fume outlet
  • Automatic working motor system for 10 minutes every hour during 5 hours.


Front. (cm)MotorØ tubo mmWi-Fi
972652Interior/Intérieur V.850150
1002652Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco SEC PLUS150
972785Interior/Intérieur V.850150
1002785Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco SEC PLUS150
1007885Interior/Intérieur V.1250 eco150
9831100Interior/Intérieur V.850150
10077100Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco SEC PLUS150
10079100Interior/Intérieur V.1250 eco150

Professional filters: their maze-type design allows air to pass through while helping to condense grease particles, keeping this dirt out of the motor and so reducing wear and tear and prolonging the working life of the motor.

The fact that it is made of top-quality stainless steel means it is practically impenetrable by grease and gives it unlimited durability.

Grease tray: includes a removable tray tp pich up any drops of grease that might have acumulated in the hood to ensure easy a cleaning and maintenance.

Adaptable fume outlet: The fume outlet flue can be vertical or through the back, making it easier to adapt for different projects without having to change the filter unit.

This can be done easily by the installer.